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Security Guard Patrol Monitoring System

Why you should Permit Us to Manage your Security Guard Officer Activities

Many companies and residential homes hire security officers to provide protection of premises and company facilities on twenty-four hour, seven day per week basis. One important duty of these officers is to provide periodic patrols of the facility to deter burglars, detect suspicious and abnormal activity, including doors left unlocked, burned out lights, water leaks, safety hazards, and other such conditions.
To get maximum value from the security officer, it is essential that the officer make patrols according to established procedures. During many shifts, security officers may work alone and with very little or no supervision. Sometimes, security officers want to remain at their posts and don’t want to go on patrol. This can be particularly tempting at times when the weather is bad and going on patrol means going out in the cold or rain. Even when officers do go on patrol, there may be certain portions of the tour that are difficult to access or that require that a large number of stairs be climbed. There can be a tendency for officers to skip these portions of the tour much of the time.


Your First Line of Defense “On-site security guards on patrol are your first line of defense against criminal and disruptive activity as well as safety-related issues on your property.  A visible security guard presence on patrol reduces criminal activity.    But Your Security is at Risk “If your Security Guards sleeps on duty. Doesn’t patrol round the buildings as he should have, resulting to security breaches.


Our patrol tracking systems have been developed to solve these problems. In general, our systems record the activities of the security officers to determine if officers are making their tours when they should, and to verify that they are covering all portions of their tour.
 Two important benefits of partnering with us:
First, if Security Guard officers know that their activities are being recorded, there is a strong motivation for them to follow the rules and make patrols the way that they are supposed to. Second, we will provide a written record of all patrol activities, allowing discrepancies in patrol procedures to be quickly identified. Appropriate disciplinary actions can be taken against officers who fail to comply with established procedures. The written record provided by our guard tour system can also be used for incident investigation and as proof of patrol activities for insurance companies or regulatory agencies.
We will provide reports of the security guard patrol performance weekly or monthly depending on the clients demand. Our primary focus is to ensure that your security is always at alert!

Those that can use this system: Okaytech Security Company has been managing the Security Guard Officers of a wide variety of corporations, institutions, governmental agencies, residential homes and private clients. This system is ideally suitable for Residential homes, Banks, Churches, Schools, Shopping mall, Corporate campuses, Parking facilities, Corporate headquarters facilities, Warehouse and distribution centers, Industrial facilities, Construction companies, Entertainment and media production facilities, City, state and local government facilities, High-rise buildings, Private residence of corporate executives, celebrities and high net worth individuals, Prisons and Estates.

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