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Self Defense Devices/ Personal Safety Products

We offer a good selection of self defense and personal safety products that can give you protection against human assailants, burglars, emergency situations, potential crimes, wild bears and animals, vicious dogs and many other unexpected events.
These Non lethal self defense devices give you the confidence you need to live your life without the worry of an attack. Our range includes personal alarms, Stun Gun, Tasers, Pepper Spray, batons, hand cuff. 

High voltage self
protection Stun gun

Product#: ST1000105

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Flash light Stun gun

Product#: ST1000109

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Telescopic stun gun

Product#: ST1000111

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Knuckle Blaster stun gun

Product#: ST1000114

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Heavy Duty Flash
light stun

Product#: ST1000108

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I phone stun gun

Product#: ST1000106

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Stun gun with Alarm

Product#: ST1000119

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Cell phone stun gun

Product#: ST1000117

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Product#: ST1000122

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Teaser Stun Gun

Product#: ST1000125

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Teaser Stun Gun
with Cam recorder

Product#: ST1000126

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Multi- self
defender stun gun

Product#: ST1000123

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Net Gun

Product#: ST1000129

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Stun gun
with personal Alarm

Product#: ST1000127

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Mini pepper
spray with hook

Product#: ST1000133

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Pepper spray with hook

Product#: ST1000135

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Luxury type pepper spray

Product#: ST1000136

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Long mini self
defensive pepper spray

Product#: ST1000130

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Women self- defense
device Lipstick pepper spray

Product#: ST1000145

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Lighter- type self
defensive pepper spray

Product#: ST1000139

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Mini self defensive

Product#: ST1000150

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Personal alarm

Product#: ST1000148

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Hand cuff

Product#: ST1000149

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Leg cuff

Product#: ST1000147

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We offer some training services both indoor and outdoor on some insatallation of some products and others .


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