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Scanners and Screening Solution

See below for Okaytech Security Company’s full selection of Security Scanners and Screening Solutions. Our Security Scanners offer a range of solutions. We utilize the latest in screening technology to offer the end user a reliable and effective Scanners based on their individual needs at a very competitive price.
We offer the following brands: Smith Heimann Baggage scanner , Garrett , Auto clear Luggage scanner, EVD3500 explosive detectors, Rapiscan, KFE, Guard Spirit.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner
/ Luggage Scanner

Product#: SC1000649

  • Multi-purpose Baggage Scanner Capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics.


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Garrett PD6500i Walk
through Metal Detector

Product#: SC1000600

  • Garrett PD6500i is the world’s highest performing walk-through metal detector and leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology


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  • Under vehicle
    Inspection System (UVIS)
    • In current security Scenario the use of AUVIS for vehicle screening is very critical and not to be ignored .

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    EVD 3500 Hand Held
    Explosive Detector
    Product#: SC1000609

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    • The E3500 is the world's first and most recognized portable explosives trace detector that uses Luminol Chemiluminescence (Chemilumina). It is the only portable device capable of detecting the presence of all the threat explosives
    Letter Bomb Detector
    and Mail Scanner

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    • Scan mail 10K is a compact desk-top electronic mail scanner designed for detecting Mail Bomb Detector in letters and small packages. It will automatically find letter bombs


    Water-proof Walk
    through Metal Detector
    Product#: SC1000620

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    • This Door Frame metal detector is specially designed to come complete with a weather resistant cover that allows the unit to be used in open areas exposed to the weather
    Guard Spirit Walk
    Through Metal Detector

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    • Multi Zone Ultra High Sensitivity Metal Detector is an extremely sensitive device for the detection of conventional weapons
    Ceia Walk through
    Metal Detector

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    • Ceia Mult-zone walk through Metal Detector is specially designed to meet the specific security needs of public facilities
    Garrett Super Scanner
    Hand –Held Metal Detector

    Product#: SC1000605

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    • The superScanner is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world, sensitive enough to detect all concealed metal weapon’s
    KFE Walk through Metal Detector
    Product#: SC1000635

    [More Info]

    • The Most Advanced Multi-Zone Metal Detector for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities extremely sensitive for the detection of conventional weapons
    Garret Super Wand
    Hand Held Metal Detector
    Product#: SC1000607

    [More Info]

    • The superWand is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world, sensitive enough to detect all concealed metal weapon’s
    Vehicle Under Search Mirror
    Product#: SC1000631

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    • Under vehicle Inspection Mirror is an excellent tool  used  to search under vehicles carriage  to detect hidden weapons
    Under Vehicle Inspection
    Video Recorder

    [More Info]

    • This unit is a very effective tool for searching the Vehicles under carriage in detecting any possible hidden weapons
    Under Vehicle Search Mirror
    with led Light
    Product#: SC1000631

    [More Info]

    • Flat shape Under vehicle Inspection Mirror with Led Light is an excellent tool used to search under vehicles carriage to detect hidden weapons

    Our  Rental Services:  delivery to site anywhere in Nigeria, installation by a qualified engineer, operational training, Monitor the Operation of units during the event  and technical phone support during your hire period, onsite engineering support and dismantling and collection at the end of the rental period.
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